Let Fashion & Warmth Collide This Winter!

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Kashmiri Shawls

Dressing smart in winter! Don’t we all look forward to it? Yes, it’s true that we do want to look smart and we also want to make a style statement; To look the best among the crowd, we want designer stuff such as smart jackets, colourful stoles, beautiful scarves, stylish boots, colourful jeans and what not! Thus, knowing such objectives, we share a few tips which can help you in dressing smart in winter while managing to keep yourself warm:

1.Choose stoles which go with your dress: Are you aware that stoles go well with most of your dresses? No matter what you are wearing, be it a salwar suit or a jeans, a capri or a skirt, a smart stole with complementing colours does go well with almost all your dresses to make you look different from the crowd. These stoles are elegant and attractive, made of fine quality wool fabric and are known for their ultra smoothness and fineness. Available in diverse variety, they are beautifully-designed for regular and exclusive use in gatherings and hence they complement the glamorous attire too.

 2. Spice up your look with stylish shawlsYou can make an impact on winter evenings by adding a stylish shawl to your outfit. Believe me, it looks the best when you are wearing it on cooler days and evenings. It does add an element of elegance to your dress, no matter if it’s a saree, designer salwar suit, jeans or gown. The other benefit of shawl is that it can be wrapped in different styles. It gives you numerous fashion possibilities to look beautiful by being wrapped in diverse ways. And if the shawls you are wearing are embroidered with Kashmiri work, you are sure to leave a mark amongst all fashionistas as it carries vibrant colours with eye-catching embroidered threads on it.

 3. Let coats and jackets define your personality: Coats and Jackets are eminent fashion clothing in winter. Making fashion and warmth collide, the jackets and coats are available in different styles and designs. Women are attracted by designer coats as they enhance their beauty with their enchanting look.

Meanwhile, in last few years, the handmade jackets of Kashmir have become very popular in national and international markets. They have generated a huge demand from fashion point also. Their attractive, vibrant colours with pleasing embroidery have been attracting all! Among other winter jackets and coats, the Kashmir Embroidered Royal Long Coat have been making waves owing to their distinguished look. They are made up of fine wool and are embellished with hand embroidered silk thread which gives women a  trendy look.

 Hence, it’s very true that with the harsh winters approaching, let’s get busy in making our cupboards look rich and trendy. And if we are really looking forward to dress in style in this weather, we need to get our winter wear ready which can make us feel warm while giving a cool look.

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