Empowering Women; Look Here For Tips!

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Don’t you think this word is being used quite frequently in our society? Despite its wider usage, do you think we have managed to attain newer heights in bringing empowerment for women workforce? I know we all know the answer, which is a big NO; We all know that no matter whether women work in offices, or in houses, that equality quotient still looks like a far-fetched dream for them. As gharobar.com is women-friendly entity, here we bring in a few tips which can help women earn empowerment with respect and regard in their organisations:

 1.Ensure workplaces provide equal pay for work of equal or comparable value:Women employees should ensure that they are paid at par with men in their organisation for the same category of work they are doing as that of men. Any kind of discrimination calls for complaint as well as protestToday, there are women-friendly laws promising equal pay to women and flouting these norms can bring in legal action against organisations.

2. Ensure women and men are treated fairly at work. Before joining any organisation,women should ensure that there is full flow of respect and nondiscriminatory attitude for women. They should be confident enough to take right move if any organisation follows gender bias.

3. Make sure there is professional development of women: Women workers should ensure that equal growth opportunities are given to them sans any gender discrimination. They should never be deprived of any opportunity which can stop them in developing growth prospects in an organisation.

4. Ensure organisations care for health and safety of women: In all organisations, health, safety and well-being of women should be of paramount importance.Women employees should be aware of their rights. They should know that they can’t be devoid of job just in case  any of them is expecting. They should be aware of the tenure of maternity leave etc. Even there are cases when an employer asks women workers about their plans to get married and planning for family. In such cases, women should be smart and updated on present rules and should answer smartly on her future plans as well as of her aims and goals.

5. She should look for high level leadership for gender equality: Women workers should pitch for high-level corporate leadership in organisations which can bring in transparency as well as gender equality in offices. This will also ensure promoting the cause of equality through community initiatives and advocacy.

Women workers, in all cases, should be well aware of all laws existing in the country. In other words, they need to keep themselves updated on issues related to gender equality. If women of our society are empowered, they can participate smartly in economic life, helping in building stronger economies. It will also help build base for development and sustainability and can bring drastic improvement in the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. So let all women workforce pledge to join hands in making use of their talents, skills and energies by initiating intentional actions and implementing deliberate policies ensuring a holistic growth of society.

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